* Currently only availbale in Holiday Gift Bag - À fleur de peau.


A harmonious blend of different plant-infused oils, ideal for beauty and ritualistic purposes.

The plants infused evoke the sun, while the essential oils of Jasmine and Bergamot tie the bridge between solar and lunar energies.



- Calendula from my garden, infused in olive oil produced by a lovely Lebanese couple from Lachute who import their amazing oil from their family-run olive farm in Lebanon.

- A sweet, sweet Balsam Fir tip infused jojoba oil. The Balsam Fir tips were harvested in late spring 2020 with the help of my grandparents at the most magical place on earth (their home).

- Yarrow harvested in the Laurentians, infused in jojoba oil.

- St-John's Wort, cultivated and harvested in the Laurentians.

- An Energetic dose of Jasmine and Bergamot essential oils.


Properties: anti-inflammatory, calming/soothing, vulnerary/healing/scarring, hydrating, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, helps activate micro-circulation. Jojoba oil also mimics the skin’s natural sebum production, and therefore will help regulate your own skin's sebum production. 


* The plants used may vary from season to season, making each batch unique.



Lil' Sunshine - Plant Infused Oil