An assortment of Lola Herba products, intended to heal the heart.



1 x Love Potion (30 ml)

1 x Happy Heart Herbal Tea (22g)

1 x Strawberry and Lemonbalm Oxymel (Exclusive)*

1 x Rose, Yarrow and Damiana dream pillow

1 x Heart shaped coaster (crocheted by hand)

1 x Handmade zipper pouch with pocket


$5 off of each Holiday Bag will be donated to the Montreal Native Women's Shelter.


An exclusive product, made in the summer of 2020 with fresh, organic Québec strawberries from my roadtrip to l'Île d'Orléans as well as Lemonbalm from my garden, macerated in equal parts of local honey and apple cider vinegar. 


This remedy reminds us of the lightness of summer. Strawberries are great heart medicine, evoking love and joyfulness. Lemonbalm is a powerful nervine and helps let go of our worries. 


To be taken by the spoonful or mixed in sparkling water for a refreshing drink.


Holiday Gift Bag - Heart Healer