This Embroidery + Flower essence duo is the perfect ritual kit to dive deep and work with the wisdom that Forget-me-not has to offer. 


This beautiful and delicate flower helps guide us through grief, by elevating our sorrows into strength. Forget-me-not's essence helps us hold onto a memory, usually of someone, without getting lost in it. This flower is exceptional at reminding us that love transcends death as well as relationships, and that the love of a person that we have lost can, and will, carry on past this physical realm.


The embroidery is stitched by hand with cotton thread, on a re-purposed muslin fabric. It is backed by Art Spectrum Colourfix paper and framed with a re-purposed frame. It is inspired by the message of rememberance and resilience that Forget-me-nots have to offer, and is meant to be used as a ritual tool when working with the essence (in which ever way makes sense to you, even if it just serves as a reminder). 


On a personal note, this essence feels very appropriate right now and I am so honored to release it at this time. It was made in May, at my great-uncle's home where I have my garden. He is a genealogist so this seems even more interesting, as he is the one who taught me the importance of knowing who came before us. For the past few years, I have been very much drawn to Forget-me-nots and the powerful significance behind such a dainty and graceful flower. I hope that this essence will guide you through your grief and help you remember the power of love.



- Hand stitched embroidery (framed)

- 30 ml Forget-me-not Flower Essence (Water/Brandy base)


Forget-me-not Ritual Kit (Hand Embroidery and Flower Essence)