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Pay it Forward

Every month, I offer 1 free Flower Essence consultation for folks facing oppression , folks with a history of abuse or those who cannot afford alternative therapies. 
Your help is so incredibly appreciated in order for this service to remain sustainable.
Donations will help:
- cover the shipping fees related to essence blends made after the free consultations, considering that this service extends internationally (consultations are done via Zoom)
- allow me to extend my free consultation service to more people while keeping this business model accessible for me.
- allow me to keep offering remedies to different organizations that accept donations. I would use the donations to cover the shipping fees related to these donations.
If you are in a favorable financial position or simply want to help provide a free service to folks who need it, I invite you to donate.
To donate, you can send an e-transfer to with "DONATION" as your personalized message. 
Big big thanks to you xx
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