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What type of herbal extractions do i work with?

I work with a variety of plant extractions, all of which are made by me. These could include:

  • Tinctures (alcohol extractions)

  • Herbal vinegars (made with ACV)

  • Glycerites (extraction via vegetable glycerin)

  • Hydrosols

  • Herbal oils 

  • Flower essences

  • Oxymels (ACV + honey)

  • Herbal syrups (honey based)


Throughout the past 5 years studying herbalism, following a mentorship and herbal internships, I have developed a herbal consultation practice.

The plants I work with are plants that are either native or naturalized to the area in which I live (Montréal/Tio'Tia: Ke). 

My approach is trauma-informed with a special focus on the nervous system/mental health and their implications on the physical body.

The plant path I chose is endless, and so are the knowledge and connections that I will continue to develop. Despite my years of study in the field, I deem myself a beginner in the clinical realm.


If your situation is outside of my scope, I have a great network of other skilled practitioners that I would be glad to refer you to.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking an appointment.

COST: $65-45 sliding scale.


If you are unfamiliar with this pricing model or are unsure where to situate yourself on the scale, you can click here to find out more. If this price range is inaccessible to you, please still reach out to see what kind of accommodations I can make.

TIME: 1hr30-2hrs for first assessment, 30 mins-1hr for follow-ups

INCLUDES: 2-3 custom herbal concoctions, prepared after the consultation

HOW: Virtual (zoom) or by phone, In-person consultations will resume once the current situation allows.

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